Extreme Bushcraft Courses

These courses are typically between 1 to 3 days. (**However due to current Covid19 precautions we are not currently offering overnight / multiple day courses - we shall update this page once these are available again**).

Currently we are only offering a '1-Day' (approximately 10 hours) course at our 'wild' woodland site, in Yerbeston (Pembrokeshire). 

During these 'extreme' courses you will learn and implement various skills including use of tools, setting up a base camp, building shelters and gadgets, various types of fires and their uses, safety in your surroundings, water sourcing & foraging, amongst others.

The site is completely wild so your first task will be to establish your base camp (c/w latrine) using only the basic equipment provided and everything else sourced from nature itself. At the end of the course we will close with a campfire debrief and strike the basecamp 'leaving nothing but footprints'.

This is not a regularly scheduled course and is available by special arrangement. Suitable for groups of 6 or less.

The cost of this course is £120 per person
(based on £10 per person per hour ..plus £20 per person for food / drinks** included within the course fee) 

[**Please advise of any allergies / dietary requirements at to point of booking**]

For further information or to check availability / book this course - Please contact us by email at merlinbushcraft@outlook.com