Intermediate Bushcraft Courses

Our intermediate level courses are an extension of the introduction (Foundation courses) and typically run from 4 hours to 8 hours in duration.

As with the shorter foundation courses these include the basic skills including:

- Basic safety and housekeeping 

- Knife, axe and saw skills

- Foraging

- Fire Building and lighting

- Shelter building

However, these skills are taken to the next level where you will learn and deliver multiple methods and techniques. Learn the purposes and benefits of different types of fires and shelters.

In addition, we will also include other skills including:

- Water sourcing and purification methods

- Seashore foraging (subject to weather conditions)

- Wild cooking (on 6 to 8 hour courses where you will cook your own lunch over an open fire)

- Navigation and orienteering

- Tracking and signalling

- Wildlife and Tree identification

- Trapping techniques

- Line trowing

- Basic pioneering / gadget building

- Mud ovens

- Base camp basics

.... and much much more!

We can also include (on special request) more modern campcraft activities such as:

- Tent pitching, striking and maintenance

- Maintaining and using various camp stoves

- Packing a rucksack 

- Hiking and expedition equipment selection and use

- Camp gadgets

- Camp games

- Camp cooking

... and much more!

For more information or to make a booking please contact us.